Saturday, February 6, 2010

Directing and producing a musical performance by Nick Howard, featured on MTV's Jersey Shore and The Hills

CitrusTV hosted a special musical guest this week, Nick Howard, an up-and-coming British singer/songwriter whose music has been featured on MTV's Jersey Shore and The Hills. Nick and his management team contacted CitrusTV before coming to central New York on a leg of Nick's solo tour.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to co-produce and direct the four-song set that Nick played late Wednesday night. I worked with three other CitrusTV members, Marie Hankinson, Christina Orazio and Bill Sharp, to arrange the studio and plan the six camera positions.

Check out the entire performance on CitrusTV's YouTube account below... and thanks to Nick for the opportunity and best of luck with his career. Check out his music if you haven't already.

The biggest challenges were making use of our small space, making it look interesting with only one person, and working with limited personnel. We only found out about the opportunity two days earlier - so the limited time didn't allow for much pre-production or crewing.

In the end, we used the plasma screens to create more depth and make the studio look bigger. We had a total of six cameras, but only two of them had operators, who were pressed with getting a variety of shots to make the space seem bigger than it was. Also - we didn't have lyrics or any rehearsal, so everything was just one take and we had no idea what was coming next in the songs.

It was a ton of fun though - and the final product shows.


  1. Nice interview. Just a heads up bud, CitrusTV isn't the oldest run student TV station in the country. Ithaca College Television is ;-)

  2. Well... nowhere on this page do I claim it is.

    A number of people have claimed it is oldest, which from what I understand is on the basis of being entirely student-run. ICTV is a part of the communications school at Ithaca, whereas CitrusTV is a student organization that is not affiliated with the Newhouse communications school at Syracuse.

    The only two SU employees who help CitrusTV are:
    One faculty adviser (who only gives advice and has no power in the organization)
    One consultant in the Office of Student Affairs (who takes care of finances/purchasing only at the organization's request)

    All other aspects of CitrusTV are managed entirely by student volunteers. I believe that is the difference and that is why people have claimed it is the oldest *entirely student-run* college TV station.


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