Saturday, January 1, 2011

CitrusTV provides best Pinstripe Bowl coverage

Maybe that's a biased title for this post... but CitrusTV was the only media organization that had video online from Yankee Stadium before the inaugural New Era Pinstripe Bowl kicked off between Syracuse and Kansas State on Dec. 30.

This playlist has all the clips posted before the game. After arriving at Yankee Stadium around 11 a.m. and picking up credentials and media goodies (can you say Pinstripe Bowl teddy bears?), I did all of the camerawork and editing you see here. All of the clips went online before the start of the game at 3:30.

At halftime, I ran off the field before the 20 minute clock started, and walked back out with 8 seconds to the top of the second half, leaving behind this video featuring some of the scenes around Yankee Stadium during the first half. No highlights of the game because ESPN owns the exclusive online rights to the actual game.

I also was able to post some photos on Twitter and Facebook. My most favorite views were generated by this awesome iPhone app I read about on Gizmodo called "360 Panorama" a few days ago and purchased for just a buck. It uses the sensors in the iPhone to paint a panoramic view and then allows for instant tweeting. I'm not big into Twitter, as you may know, but since the functionality was built into the app, it provided a quick and easy way to get the stunning views (for a cell phone and a 99 cent app, anyway) online.


And finally came the post-game analysis, which I shot, edited and posted before leaving the stadium.. or rather, running to the garage that was about to close with my car still in it. The analysis was shot by me, and the celebration clips were shot by Eric Forman, also shooting the game for Citrus. (My tape from the game and celebration was being used to shoot some additional standups.) Over 800 views on this video in about two days.

Oh, and, by the way... remember that little "excessive celebration" penalty that Kansas State got? Take a look at the poor cameraman who almost got plowed over. Oh wait, that's me. Oops.

Here's the breathtaking look from my angle:

And here are some photos I took with my D40. Enjoy...

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