Friday, January 14, 2011

Previewing the nation's best college lacrosse team

10: the number of NCAA championships that the Syracuse men's lacrosse team has – and the number of years that CitrusTV has produced its Lacrosse Preview Show.

Just like everything at CitrusTV, students are in charge of all aspects of the production of the annual half-hour show that takes an in-depth look at the upcoming season. Almost all of the show is shot at the athletic department's lacrosse media day, which happens the week before classes start each spring.

CitrusTV members cut their winter breaks short and trek back to Syracuse to shoot a press conference, interviews and players practicing. While traditionally lacrosse media day has been held in the Carrier Dome – where the team plays – this year it was held in Manley Field House, which was renovated over the summer from a basketball court surrounded by bleachers into a football/lacrosse field. Guess they wanted to show off the new digs.

The production consisted of two sets. The primary set, pictured above, was in a balcony that overlooks the field. This is where we shot all of the on-camera elements with the hosts, Scott Grodsky (former CitrusTV sports director) and Dan Moscaritolo. We shot all of the teases, tosses, readers and the show's open and close at this location. This was where I spent almost all of my time, taking care of the lighting and camera setup and operation.

We used a pair of Sony Z7U's on sticks – still in standard def as all of the archived footage we have is in SD and Time Warner Cable Sports isn't HD yet. You can also see a few Arri's and the portable prompter we used in the photo below.

This location gained a third chair in the afternoon for an on-set interview with John Galloway - one of the players - and John Desko, the head coach. Coach Desko is in the picture below.

The secondary set consisted of one camera to capture featurey shots of the players. The shots will be used in the show's open and various elements throughout the show. The players were miked up at this location so they could say their name and year, and repeat some lines that we fed them.

A couple ENG teams consisting of reporters and videographers also were walking around on the field to interview players and tape them practicing. A podium and backdrop were set up on the sidelines where Coach Desko spoke in a press conference.

The show, produced by CitrusTV's new sports director Ryan Koletty, will air on Time Warner Cable Sports, channel 13 for TWC customers in upstate New York, and on the Orange Television Network, channel 2 on campus. It will also appear on

(Still photos all shot on a Canon 40D, and the 360 panoramas shot on my iPhone 3GS using the world's most amazing 99 cent app – 360 Panorama)


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  2. Almost all of the show is shot at the athletic department's lacrosse media day, which happens the week before classes start each spring.this page


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